Countertop and Cabinetry Pairings to Take Your Kitchen From Drab to Delicious


Want to elevate your kitchen in a big way? Consider the counters and cabinets. An inspired color combo or materials pairing can make a space sizzle.

The most stunning kitchens are a sum of their parts. They’re a mix of form and function, where color plays off natural light and small details are just as important as big appliances. When all of its details work in harmony, a kitchen becomes the hub of the home without even trying—there’s no other room that can so easily draw a crowd when done right.

Perhaps the parts that contribute most to a kitchen’s future success are its countertops and cabinets. These two components take up the most visual space in the room, and often define the rest of its aesthetic. So what makes for a winning duo? We collected our favorite countertop and cabinet combinations from past Dwell features to showcase all the ways in which these two features can determine the overall eye-catching quality of a kitchen. 

Whether you use them as inspiration for a future project or a simple reason to swoon, these projects prove that countertops and cabinets make or break a kitchen’s design success.  

The sun-filled kitchen of this Culver City, California home by Woods + Dangaran proves that durable materials can also make for a beautiful combination. White oak timber was selected for the cabinetry, and was paired with Caesarstone quartzite countertops. The neutral palette plays off the natural light, and provides a simple backdrop to the surrounding greenery.